Quality Assurance

The Palisade Coatings Quality Assurance Program is designed to ensure that the exact degree of quality required by acceptable standards and contractual requirements is achieved. Palisade will conduct the appropriate activities required to identify the quality of its applied coatings and document and report these findings.

Palisade’s Alex Harper is a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified inspector. (NACE is now AMPP – The Association for Materials Protection and Performance.) Every project Palisade undertakes meets the exacting standards of AMPP.

Our work is consistently inspected and reported on to our customers. A significant portion of our work is repeat business for major energy industry companies, who require the highest of standards.

The Palisade Coatings team is always happy to accommodate inspections- yours, or a third party, as required.

For details on Palisade inspection and testing plans, the Palisade warranty, and other applicable details, click here to request a complete copy of the Palisade Coatings Quality Assurance Program or a sample Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).

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