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Palisade Coatings Ltd. (formerly Petker Coatings) opened for business in 1986. Alex Harper and his team have the experience and expertise to get your job done right, with a minimum of turnaround time. Additionally, Alex is a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified inspector. (NACE is now AMPP – The Association for Materials Protection and Performance)

Palisade is a proud applicator of Denso Protol 7200, a high build, fast cure pipeline liquid epoxy coating used to coat above and below ground pipelines, girth welds, tie- ins, HDD, fittings and fabrication. It’s also ideal for coating below ground storage tanks.

We like to keep business courteous, direct and simple. We offer a premium product. We meet your agreed upon deadline every time, because we know you have a schedule to keep.

We’d love to work with you. Reach out and let’s connect.

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